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Since 1919, Tandy Leather has been the resource for over four generations of leathercrafters



For the past Twenty years has created unique leather
patterns specifically for the leather craftsman.


Bighousedaddy?s mission is to bring unique leather patterns, and instructional videos to the leather community.


Leather patterns like a construction tool pouch set have never appeared in any leather craft magazine, or in any leather craft book.  Creating the construction tool pouch set is an original idea of K. E. Hockenberry.


Unique designs are another aspect of  For example, the Beaver Tail Lighter Cases is an exclusive style created by K. E. Hockenberry.


In addition, Bighousedaddy offers free braiding instructions that will make your projects unique.


Many more patterns and helpful information can be found below and throughout the website.


Best regards, and

Keep Your Stitches Tight
K. E. Hockenberry
Bighousedaddy <><






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If you have completed a project from one of Bighousedaddys patterns;
send your photos to be listed in the photo gallery...
Include something about yourself like how long you've
been working with leather and how your experience was...

Custom Western Boot Making book is on sale...
WesternPackers book is also on sale...

Featured Patteren of the month...
Making a Leather Hat...

Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Attaché Case


This superb Attaché Case, carefully designed by K. E. Hockenberry, is a classic styled brief that features simple organization, three compartments for business papers, and a wide stable footprint.


Bighousedaddy designed this Attaché case to bring back a style reminiscent of a more relaxed era, and a simpler time.
Satchel Bag Kenn Hockenberry

Business Satchel


This is the type of satchel you carry when you're a lawyer...


This satchel has room for everything you need...


There's plenty of room for a laptop, Business cards, Pencils, and pockets for miscellaneous cords, writing tablets...


This project is best suited for the advanced leather craftsmen...


Leather Roses


Bighousedaddy is breaking his silence

and is revealing how to make leather roses.


Introducing Bighousedaddy?s newest instructional video series.  Five videos, totaling 15 minutes of instruction, guide you step by step, on how to make leather roses.



Everlasting Suede Roses...


You'll learn how to make and cover the rose stem, how to construct the flower, and how to adorn the rose with leaves, and gilding's.


Click Here for More Information

Pool Stick Cases Box
by K. E. Hockenberry  


Pool Stick



They're gettin' ready to rack'em up down at Jack's pool hall.


You?re gonna need a custom made pool cue

case the next time you
play Willie McCoy.


This is a great set of patterns with loads of options.



Grab Bag


Mysteries and Surprises

is how I would describe
this bundle of patterns
and information.


Here is where you

will find a little bit
of everything.  A hodgepodge if you will.

Bighousedaddy's Biker Patterns Box
by K. E. Hockenberry


Bighousedaddy's Biker Patterns


Bighousedaddy has received numerous requests

for biker patterns.


Check out Bighousedaddy's newest biker patterns.


Decorative Hand Stitching

Accenting leather with decorative stitching
will enhance and raise your work to a level of professionalism that goes beyond that of a

Bighousedaddy's Mechanic's Tool Bag Virtual Box
by K. E. Hockenberry
Bighousedaddy's Mechanic's Tool Bag


Ever want a tool bag that would hold all your tools

and also fit under your truck seat?


Bighousedaddy?s "Mechanic?s tool bag" is what you need.


A Multipurpose Bag



This is an ideal set of patterns for both the beginner

and the professional leather craftsman.


This bag has hundreds of uses. Use it as a bag as a cosmetic bag, a men's shaving kit, a shoeshine bag, a firstaid bag, a travel bag... It's an anything bag

Bighousedaddy's Boots Patterns


These Boot Patterns will become your
favorite boots.

Make attractive and comfortable boots for your
whole family.
Bighousedaddy's Saddle Bags Patterns


Make a classic set of saddle bags for your Harley.

This pattern set includes 14 pattern sheets.



Beaver Tail Lighter and Knife Cases Patterns


Get that lighter out of your pocket and on your hip
with Beaver Tail Lighter and Knife Cases Patterns
30 Leather Cases Virtual Box
by K. E. Hockenberry

30 Leather Patterns


This is a collection of custom leather patterns.


Each project is completely explained step by step.


This collection of patterns has taken years to put together.

Custom Western
Boot Making



This book is a complete step by step instructional book on making a Classic pair of western Boots.


Three Legged  Campstool Patterns




This Pattern set contains a full set of patterns.


This campstool is perfect for camping, hunting, fishing or just sitting out

in the back yard.


This is a great project for the beginner.


Bighousedaddy's Making a Leather Hat




Bighousedaddy will show you how to measure the circumference of your head and how to translate that information into accurately functioning patterns that will make a hat of any size.
Decorative Braiding Techniques Box



Braiding Techniques


I?ve always appreciated

the look of a braided purse or a braided pair of
cowboy boot shafts.
It has a richness that?s without equal.  I love the way the braid is three-dimensional, and I love the design possibilities.

Construction Set Patterns Virtual Box
by K. E. Hockenberry
Construction Set Patterns


Bighousedaddy's construction pattern set

is ideal or the craftsman who likes to say "I Made
It Myself."

Pattern Making


The purpose of this ebook

is to illustrate how to make patterns in the
computer and their relevancy to the leather craftsman.


Baby Bootie Patterns




Construct these booties from suede leather scraps.


Stitch them together with the colored embroidery thread.


Make these darling little baby booties for your

precious little one.


These Baby Booties are as comfortable as they

are cute and will make the perfect baby shower gift.
Bighousedaddy's Personal Leather Patterns Virtual Box
by K. E. Hockenberry
Personal Leather


These patterns will make

a wonderful addition to your leather craft collection.


Each pattern is accurately made by Bighousedaddy himself.


All hole locations are clearly indicated.


With each pattern set you'll receive an instructions sheet.

Secrets of the Blues Harp Revealed Virtual Box
by K. E. Hockenberry
Secrets of the Blues Harp Revealed

Learn how to play the raw legendary sound of the Blues Harp.
Cross harp is the mode or style, if you will, of the blues.
Cross harp position produces that legendary raw sound that is
synonymous with the blues.


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