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Making a pair of western boots by hand has never been easier.

Bighousedaddy has published two boot making books.

These books will help you create a pair of boots you can be proud of.
This is a complete guide to making a pair of Western Cowboy boots
and a pair of Western Packers boots from start to finish.

Western Cowboy Boot
"Build A Texas Legend"
K. E. Hockenberry

Western Packer Boot
"The American Lacer"
K. E. Hockenberry

Western Boots by K. E. Hockenberry
Western Packer Boots by K. E. Hockenberry

Western Cowboy Boot

Sprial Bound Book
Was $99.99
$89.99 USD
+ Shipping USA

Western Packers

Sprial Bound Book
Was $129.99 USD
+ Shipping USA

Western Packers and Western Cowboy Boots are fully illustrated step by step instructional books.

Both books are spiral bound, allowing the pages to turn easily and will lay flat when opened.

The front and back covers are laminated with thick plastic for durability.

Both books are intended for the amateur and experienced leather craftsman alike.

Learn to measure the foot and how to translate those measurements into workable patterns.

Learn the hand tools of the trade and how to make your own customized tools.

Learn how to lay-out the patterns and how to adjust them for a perfect fitting boot.

Learn which leathers to use in making a pair of boots.

Learn how to last a pair of boots and inseam a three-quarter welt.

Learn how to build leather based heels and how to fully peg the shanks.

Included are vamp and counter patterns as well as a stitch design for the western cowboy boot.

A resource list is given.

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