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K. E. Hockenberry

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    I remember carrying a gym bag just like this one back in high school.  It was perfect for carrying my books, lunch, and of course my gym clothes to and from school.

    Bighousedaddy has designed this vintage gym bag so it can be easily enlarged or made smaller to meet your needs.

    You’ll love the simplicity of this bag and you’ll find that it’s very versatile.  You could use it of course as a gym bag, or as a flight bag, as a camping bag, or as an overnight bag, or as a diaper bag.

    This vintage bag includes a complete set of patterns and video instructions that give you a detailed guide through every step of the assembly.

    Bighousedaddy also walks you through how to install the zipper.

    Bighousedaddy also talks about what type of leather to use, as well as sewing tips and sewing instructions, and what hardware you will need to complete your bag.

    This is a great project for the beginner as well as the advanced leather crafter.

Bighousedaddy's Vintage Leather Gym - Travel Bag

K. E. Hockenberry


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