Three Legged
Camp Stool Pattern

K. E. Hockenberry

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This Pattern set "Three Legged Camp Stool" contains a full set of patterns.

This campstool is perfect for camping, hunting, fishing or just sitting out in the back yard.

This is a great project for the beginner.

Designed by K. E. Hockenberry "Bighousedaddy" Leather crafter, and bookmaker since 1969.

Included are:
Patterns with all the hole locations indicated...
Also, instructions for making three wooden legs...
And a 12 minute instructional video.

Best regards, and
Keep Your Stitches Tight
K. E. Hockenberry
Bighousedaddy <><

Three Legged Campstool

Three Legged
Camp Stool
K. E. Hockenberry
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