Secrets of the
Blues Harp Revealed

"The Mississippi Saxophone"

K. E. Hockenberry

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Learn how to play the raw legendary sound of the Blues Harp.

Learn how to play Cross Harp Blues.

Cross harp is the mode or style, if you will, of the blues.  Cross harp position produces that legendary raw sound that is synonymous with the blues.

Cross harp is the best kept secret in music. No one wants to divulge the secrets of Cross harp.

Learn how to play Slant Harp Blues.

If Cross harp was the biggest kept secret in music, then Slant harp is even bigger.  Slant harp is quite possibly the least known style of all the harp modes.

I have known guys that have played cross harp for years and when I talk to them about playing in slant harp mode they have no idea of what I'm talking about.  I think slant harp produces the most mournful sound on the face of the earth.

You play slant harp position when you get the blues so bad nothing can bring you back but Jesus.

This book isn't a history lesson about the harmonica, the old harp masters, or stuff that fills page after page of words that no one ever reads.  The intention of this book is to present you with the basic elements of playing the blues harp.

The information in this book is all you'll need. The rest is up to you.

You'll learn how to play the raw legendary emotions of the blues harp.

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Keep Your Stitches Tight
K. E. Hockenberry
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Secrets of the Blues Harp Revealed Virtual Box
by K. E. Hockenberry

60 Pages of Secrets Revealed

Introduction - The Harp Connection - Harp Facts - Your First Harp
Holding the Harp - Playing with the Guitar - Breathing - The Kiss
Basic Music Theory - Straight Harp Theory - Cross Harp Theory
Cross Harp Notes - Bending - Slant Harp Theory - More Straight Harp
Key Legend - Blues Riffs - Improvising - Microphones & Amps
Harp Care - Soul, Silence & Soloing - In Summary
Straight Harp Songs - Blues in G, Blues in C - Harp Legend

Secrets of the
Blues Harp Revealed
K. E. Hockenberry
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