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Ever wanted a tool bag that would hold all your tools and also fit under your truck seat?  Bighousedaddy’s newest pattern set "Mechanic’s tool bag" is what you need.

This heavy duty bag is perfect for all your mechanic's tools.

This bag is 6" x 4" x 14".  You can also adjust the patterns to fit your needs.

This patterns set is ideal for the beginner as well as the professional leather craftsman.

You also could use this bag also as:

A pet grooming bag.
As a truckers toiletry bag.
Or, as a gardening tool bag.

You'll recieve a step by step video to help you construct a tool bag insuring your success.

Download Size: 75.0 MB PC only

Your Download will include:

A 44 minute construction video and pattern sheets.

Best regards, and
Keep Your Stitches Tight
K. E. Hockenberry
Bighousedaddy <><

Video Titles

Tools you will need...
Shortening the zipper...
Printing the patterns...
Assembly part I & II...
Cutting out the patterns...
Assembly part III & IV...
Taping the patterns to the Leather...
Attaching the top to the sides...
Punching the holes...
Stitching on the bottom...
Cutting out the leather parts...
Attaching the handle straps...
Attaching the handle shields...

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Receive a FREE wrench tool roll pattern sheet with your purchase.

Mechanic's Tool Bag

Mechanic's Tool Bag Pattern
by K. E. Hockenberry
71.43 MB

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