Handmade Leather Key Fobs

K. E. Hockenberry

This elegant key fob is made of genuine leather, braided and cinched
with a leather thong, and a heavy duty split ring that holds several keys.

What a wonderful practical gift item.

Order Your Very Own Handmade Leather Key Fob
Available in Black or Brown or Tan Leather Only.

Also, you can make your own braided key fob by clicking on the
"Learn How to Make a Key Fob" button on the right.

Handmade Leather Key Fob

This is unavailable at this time...

Available in
Black & Brown or Tan Only

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Make Your Own Handmade Decorative
Leather Key Fob How to Video

Bighousedaddy will show you how to make your own handmade decorative  leather key fob.

Learn the secret of tying a decorative leather knot.

This video will teach you how to make a handmade decorative  leather key fob you'll be proud to say I made it myself.

Key Fob
Click Photo for Video

Make Your Own Handmade Decorative  Leather Key Fob
How to Video


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