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This is really a beautiful braid.

This hair braid appliqué is often overlooked as decoration for a pair of boots.  I think maybe some consider it to difficult to set up and work... or maybe it just isn't traditional stitching.

This appliqué looks great around the top edge of the shafts just below the top beading.  You can also use it as a circular appliqué.

Below are six drawings that illustrate how the braid is laid in.
For clarity sake... thongs of two different colors have been used.

Step One

Start this braid by inserting one of the two thongs in hole No. 1

Leave about two or three inches of the thong extending pass your work.

Step Two

Insert the second thong down hole No. 1 and then up through hole No. 2.

Adjust the thongs until one is on one side and the other is on the other side... then finish inserting the second thong into hole No. 1 right between the thongs on either side of hole No. 1.

Leave about two or three inches of the thong extending pass your work.

Step Three

Fold the thong on the right (the second thong) over to the left side.

Step Four

Bring the first thong (the thong on the left) over the thong the second thong and down hole No. three... then up hole No. two and lay it on the right side of the work.

Step Five

Step five is a repeat of step three... fold the second thong over to the left side.

Step Six

Step six is a repeat of step four... bring the thong on the left over and down the next free hole... then up the hole behind that one and lay the thong on the right side.

Continue braiding by following steps five and six until you've reached the last hole... end the braid by bringing both thongs down the last hole.

Adjust the braid and hammer the whole braid lightly to set the braid in place.

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