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Downloading is when you're copying a file from someone else's computer to your computer.

A download can be one file or a bunch of files.

Whether you're downloading software, an electronic book, or a game the procedure is the same.

Downloading Compressed Files

Files are compressed to make them smaller, and to decrease the time it takes to download them.

The most popular form of compressing is the zipped file, or "zip" for short.

You'll see a dot and three letters (".zip") after the name of the file; for example, "".

Downloading Links

Download links come in all shapes and sizes. A download link can be a button such as this...
... or, it can be a text link that appears like this... Download Now.

In any case, when you click a download link, a dialog box appears with the question, "Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer?"

File Download Information

After clicking on a download link, the file download box will appear.  This box will have information that may or may not be useful to you.

The file download box will have information such as the file name, the file type, and from where the file is being downloaded.

Next, it will pose the question, "Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer?"

Your options are, Open, Save, Cancel, or More Info.

When you click on the Open button the file will download, but it will not be saved to your computer.

When you click on the Save button the file will download and it will also be saved to your computer.

Always choose the Save option, and you will download the file to your computer.

Don't lose Your Download File

After you click on the Save button ... a Save As box will appear.

Now, click on the desktop icon to select the desktop.

Be sure the Save in location says Desktop.

Always download to your desktop.  Downloading to your desktop makes finding your files easy later on.

Now, click the Save button to start the download.

After clicking the Save button another box will appear called the progress box.

Immediately the file will start downloading.  As the file is downloading a progress bar will show the download progress.

The file download speed will be different for each individual download.

After the progress box says Download Complete, click the Close button.

Downloading This File!

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