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This is what you can do with any pattern... Change it up like Aaron did... Let your imagination create for you... Ken

Here's the bag I made from your pattern with quite a few mods. Added a bunch of d rings, side bottle holders,
backpack convertible strap extra belt keepers. Also added nylon straps in all the belts and attachment points and handle.

Thanks so much


Leather Satchel Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Leather Satchel Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Kenn ,

        Before deciding to make a hat I cruised YouTube.  Lots of videos but not one addressed the problem of sizing. Your video solved the problem, with your sizing technique anyone can make a hat from the smallest to the largest.  Not only do you get the correct size but the stitching holes remain in perspective and exactly line up.

        It's not a project for a newbie because you have to read between the lines and obviously knowing how to hand stitch is an asset.

        You put a tremendous amount of time and work in creating your video and should be commended.

Cheers, Cliff

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

This is the hat that I made from your pattern.

I haven't sewed around the outside edge yet because my hands just got to soar. I have arthritis in my hands.

I have ordered a sewing machine and I will do it when I get the machine.

I really liked the way you done this pattern especially how you
size the hat. That makes it worth the money.

I made the hat from 2 ounce veg tanned leather that I had laying around and glued together back to back.

I cut two pieces for the brim one 3/8 of an inch larger than the other then folded it over. That's where I have to sew yet. The hat is now finished on both sides. It holds its shape real well. I look forward to getting more of your patterns.


Andrew Jones

I found that the patterns were really straight forward and easy to use. I made some minor "tweaks" to them like using the veggie tanned leather and then dyeing it with a coat of black and then a coat of red.

Also the zippo case I found a punch of a dragon and made it out of the same leather and did the stitching different and added the access to the zippo at the bottom.

Coin pouch stitched around the edges instead of the back stitching. All and all turned out good. I have included some pics of the projects. Let me know what ya think. Thanks Ken.

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Lighter Case Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Leather Coin Purse Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Leather Biker Wristband Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Kathy Harmon's Baby Booties

Leather Baby Booties Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry          Leather Baby Booties Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry          Leather Baby Booties Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

          Here is a pair I made using your wonderful patterns. Good Morning here are a few of the other ones Iíve made.
          I took so long in making some of these is because of cancer. Heart condition and the lose of a grandchild.
          It helps with keeping my mind busy. Again thank you for your wonderful patterns. I did purchase your business Satchel.
          Thank You, Kathy.

Hi this is my first attempt at leather craft and your plans were great.
I made a few changes by adding a bit of tooling and different coloring used a vegy tan shoulder hide 4-5 weight
I had lots of fun making these bags they will be going on my snowmobile
fingers are a bit sore from all the stitching learned lots used saddle stitch found it easier to keep my stitches tight

Tanks for the great pattern


Leather Saddle Bags Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

The patterns worked great.  Everything lined up exactly right.  The video instructions were very helpful.
I watched the whole set through before I started and then referred back to them from time to time while
I was making the hat.  It was a fun project that made a nice hat that Iíll wear for years to come.


Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

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