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Draw String Bags Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Draw String Bags with a Fitted Bottom...

Okay, I think I'm hooked! I'm really enjoying working with leather and your patterns and suggestions for tools, etc. are very helpful for someone just starting out.

The stitching holes are so perfectly lined up on your patterns that the pieces go together very well. I thought I'd try out the pouch pattern, and before I knew it I had made 14 of them in several different sizes.

I keep finding things that need a pouch! For a few things, the pouch was the right width but not long enough. It was very easy to print a second pattern and just use the top part of it to extend the pattern to the length that I wanted.

I'm playing with different ways of decorating them. I liked using the same leather as the pouch for most of the ties. They are holding very well and don't slip, but I'll find out how well they wear with extended use. On to my next pattern!

Thank you, Laurelin

Hi Ken,
The white booties and the brown ones are made out of deerskin. The blue ones a soft leather (but not nearly
as soft as the deerskin!). I think I like having the laces made out of the same leather, but was thinking that if
I made some booties out of suede it would be nice to find some store bought ones.

Baby Bottie  Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry  Baby Bottie  Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry  Baby Bottie  Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hippie Bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

This is a beautifully made Hippie Bag made by
Laurelin Remington-Wolf. She did a great job for just beginning to work with leather... Read her testimony...

I made the Hippie Messenger Bag No. 2 (Vertical).

I've just recently started working with leather on various projects
and found that this pattern went together very easily.

I had a learning curve with some of the tools that were new to me, but the video instructions that come with the pattern were quite helpful.

The bag is easy to assemble.

I actually had it all put together and then decided to darken the cut edges of the leather so that the raw edges would not show as much with this particular leather that I was using.

It came apart and went back together so easily.

My nod to it being a "hippie" bag is the silver peace symbol and some mood beads on the long tie on the flap.

I never actually had a bag like this during the 60's, but it's amazing how much this bag evokes that time for me!

I plan on making one of the horizontal bags very soon.

Laurelin Remington-Wolf

Playing Card Case Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Great Looking Playing Card Case ... Perfect stitching...

Hi Ken,

Made this card case from your pattern and lined it with pigskin.

Your stitch holes for your patterns are always dead on.

Been doing leatherwork a little over two years now.

Thanks for your help.


Beaver Tail Lighter Case Front by K. Hockenberry
Beaver Tail Lighter Case Back by K. Hockenberry

Hi Ken,
Just a few pictures of my Beavertail Zippo Lighter Case. I've been     doing leather craft for two years now. I would have to say that I enjoy hand stitching and lacing over stamping and carving leather. The case is cowhide with a pigskin lining. My Ford Zippo now has a good home.

Thanks for you help.

Boot Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry


I wanted to thank you for the excellent pattern you created for your boots. I just finished my first pair last night and was really pleased with how they turned out. I used undyed vegetable tanned leather and dyed the boot when done - next pair I will probably used dyed leather to simplify and make the final result look more professional.

Your video instruction were excellent and I had no problem following the sequence to make the boots.

People are amazed when they see you making a pair of shoes - the concept is so alien and it was a lot of fun. I am sure my second pair will be better than my first.

I have purchased the coin purse pattern as well and made a few of those - my wife loves folding them. I have also purchased the briefcase pattern and look forward to trying that in the near future.

I also appreciated the recommendation of Al Stoleman's book on hand sewing leather - I have been sewing leather for a while and I learned a ton!

Thanks again for the great patterns - you have really gotten me interested in leather working again.


Tool Bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Tool Bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hey Ken,
Just got into leather working about 3 months ago. Purchased your pattern so I would like to thank you and show you the finished product.
Again Thanks

Tool Bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Baby Booties Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Love your baby bootie pattern it reminds me of the shoes i bought my children when they were babies.

This is my first time making leather booties and it was much easier than i expected. We have seven grandchildren and I have always made something special for each one when they were born. But these booties are my favorite.

The nearest leather store is about 100 miles from us. So when out and about I stopped in the Goodwill store looking for a leather anything.

Bought a buttery soft leather skirt for $4.00 and made the booties and a nice medacine pouch. Still have enough for another 3 - 4 pair of booties. The next pair I make I plan on lining.

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Good Day !! here is the finished hubby hat. The Austin hide has a wonderful rough grain and the colour is perfect. The Tandy store here only called it Austin hide. I want to make one for myself, but will use a lighter weight , maybe latigo ,as this hat is quite heavy. I might also like a veg tan, so that I can do a wild colour. I would also like to have a crown which is not as high. Is there a way to adjust the pattern for this??
 Thanks, Anita

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

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