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     Hi Ken, this is Shane Young. I talked with you a couple times over the phone about making that satchel that I ordered from you.
     Thanks for all your help. I am sending a couple pics also.

     Take care.
     Shane Young

Leather Satchel Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Cliff Young finished his satchel.
Cliff has been working in leather for only a year.

I think cliff did a fantastic job.


Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Kenn

I've been leatherworking for a bit over a year after taking a weekend
course. I saddle stitched the bag (since that's the way I've been
working so far. The instructions were very clear and it all came
together well.

The leather is Kodiak side from Tandy, and really is too
soft for the project, but it gives a nice distressed look!

 When I can afford to shell out for another side of leather, I'll look at making this again, perhaps in veg-tan since the latigo is a bit harder to get hold of.


(Cheshire, UK)

Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Hi Ken,

Just a quick note (and a couple of pics) of the completed attache case that I made with your pattern.  I used a firm 5.5 oz waxed / waterproofed pull up leather from Brettuns called Gaucho for the case.  For the shoulder strap, I took a strip of belt leather
and stitched on the gaucho leather.

Thoroughly enjoyed the project and now have more than a few jealous friends.  Thanks for making a terrific pattern.  Would love to see you produce a satchel briefcase pattern - it would kill!

Paul Ragusa

Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Leather satchel Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Leather satchel Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hey Ken,

Thank you so much for your help. I have included some of the
pictures of my bag.
I changed up the pattern from the original and now have a center area for my laptop and two front pockets. I made all the interior pockets out of pigskin and the rest of the bag out of 6-7 oz veg-tanned leather.
Most of the rivets are solid copper rivets but I have a few place City Chicago screws in the handle.
For my first leather project it was quite a job but as you said,rint out the patters and make it up on paper first, which made it a lot easier...and paper is cheap compared to making mistakes with leather.
I am really considering making another exactly like your pattern as this project was so fun to do. Thank you again and I have included some pictures of the finished bag for your website if you want to
 post them.

Brian Papiez

Leather satchel Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Just thought I would show you my finished case.
My hubby didnt want a shoulder handle lol.
Made with 3.5 mm vege tan leather very strong case.
Loved making it. Thanks for your pattern. Angie Nicholas, New Zealand

Front view Attache Case, Bighousedaddy
Rear view Attache Case, Bighousedaddy

Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Kenn

Just finished the attaché using the 5/6 latigo as Kenn recommended.

It's a fantastic pattern and the written instructions are excellent.

Having saddle stitched for years I elected to use it rather than a running stitch but that would be an individuals choice.

I also decided to pre-drill all the holes using a 1/16" drill in my drill press and then while stitching I used a pointed awl to line up the various holes and to make sure I didn't accidently miss one especially when stitching the corners....just an individual preference.

 Thanks again Kenn."

Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Leather Attache Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

The pattern was very easy to understand and put together, even without written step by step instructions.

Kenn was more than helpful when I had a question and was encouraging.

I definitely plan on using more of your leather patterns!

Thanks Kenn! Colleen Kilbane

Leather Credit Card Case Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Leather Credit Card Case Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Leather Credit Card Case Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Ken,

Here are the pictures of my business card case I made
from your pattern.

A little over a year ago I ripped my new sandals so I stitched
them up. That was the beginning of my new found hobby.

I already had baking bread down as a hobby but now I just can't seem to put down my leather craft tools down.


Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Ken, I've purchased and downloaded several of your patterns. Just
recently I purchased and downloaded the small leather pattern (set). The first project I chose was the Small Bag With Gusset "aka "The Fat Bag". I've been working with leather for approximately 11 years.
Mostly what I make are Moccasins. When I found your website I knew I had found one that matched my intrest in leather work. I started with this small project because I wanted to use embossed leather with reptile print on it. I used artificial sinew to stitch it together and lined the inside with a rust color pig skin suede, so anyway here it is.
Thanks, a devoted customer!
Jackson Copeland

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Here's a great looking leather hat from Jeff Chandler...

Hey Ken,

Here is a photo of the first hat that I finished.

The patterns work great and I had a lot of enjoyement with this project.

I already have a few orders from people wanting them.

Thanks again for all of your help! Jeff

Cion Purse Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Coin Purse Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Ken,

I'm sending you some pics of the first 4 coin purses I made.

I had never worked with leather before so I'm very happy with the way they turned out.

The instruction video is very clear and easy to follow so that even
an absolute beginner can make lovely pinwheel coin purses and have fun in the process.

After the first one I was hooked so I made some more with different types of leather to see which one works best.
So thanks again to you for the pattern and great instructions!

Anke Herrmann

Purse Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Purse Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Ken

This is my finished bag and am quite proud of it. My stitching is a bit rough but I am getting better. I made it out of Kangaroo hide so it is nice and soft. There was a lot of work in it but your pattern and video made it so much easier thank you. I will order a couple more of your patterns soon on the website especially the baby booties. I love them.

Thanks again
Coral Chappell

Leather Bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Hi Mr. Hockenberry...its me Susan that made the round bag in brown leather enlarged a bit.  I have now made it  about 12" across and it looks great.  I thought you would like to see it.
I used some distressed leather and added a couple of Brass
rings for weight to keep it closed.  Hope you are doing well.
This is the best purse I have made.

Leather bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Round Bottom Purse by Jeff Chandler

Leather Bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Round Bottom Purse by Jeff Chandler

Baby Booties Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Baby Booties by Jeff Chandler

I am Jeff Chandler and have been involved in leather since I was introduced to it by my grandfather. I was 13 years of age then
and 47 years of age now. There is no greater satisfaction than completing a project and watching the faces of those who it was intended for, light up. I stumbled across the Bighousedaddy
Website several years back.

I was immediately hooked and intrigued. After ordering a few patterns, I soon came to realize the effort and quality that Ken Huckleberry had put into his projects. I have talked to Ken on the telephone only to find him more than willing to take the time to
explain things to me making sure that I understood. He has always been there to help or listen. Since then, I have ordered many, many more of his kits and hope to have all of them soon. Here are a few pictures of some of the projects I have done using the Big House Daddy kits.

Kens video's are of the utmost quality. They are very clear, concise and easy to follow.  I have found myself watching them time and time again just to watch his precision. If there was ever someone that I wish I could spend time with to just observe, it would be Ken.

I have two grandsons that seem to be showing an interest in
leather. I am doing all that I can to keep their interest... as I believe leather is a dying art. Very few really know the art... Me; well I love it and hope to be passing along my skills to the younger generation for years to come... Including all that I have learned from Ken.

Once again, thank you Ken for all your advice, skills, knowledge and encouragement.

Jeff Chandler

Tool bag Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry  

I have been working with leather all of about 6 months.

I did some when I was in high school almost 40 years ago.

The pattern was easy to put together and everything fit
together very well.

I will be making more of these. This one is going to shows
with me as my tool bag.

This was made from veg tan leather I used neats foot oil
and saddle tan gel antique for the finish wanted it to look
well used and still be new.

Again thanks, Jayson Toscas

Boot Making Book by Kenn Hockenberry    Boot Making Book by Kenn Hockenberry

Boot Making Book by Kenn Hockenberry

I have been a shoe and boot repair man for 18 years, the past 14 of which I have owned the shoe repair business that I'm in
now. I have always enjoyed repairing and refurbishing old and worn out footwear. However during the last eighteen years
I have watched the quality of the boots and shoes that I was repairing get worse and worse. I finally decided it was time to
try to make a pair myself.

I'd been working on boots for so long I knew how they went together but there were key elements of measuring and working
with the leather uppers (vamp especially) that I had know idea about. My beautiful wife found and downloaded kenneth's
e-book and it has been a lifesaver.

I've really enjoyed this process and found it to be easyer than I exspected. Kenneth's book not only gave me the information
I was looking for but also a lot more. However I did have one set back when sewing  my side seams. I allowed to much overlap
and made the throat too small . This affected the lasting process and I had to start all over. I'm happy to say that was my only
major problem and other than a few stitching mistakes they turned out really nice.

I look forward to making another pair.

Thanks again kenneth,


About your video - the instructions were fantastic, I didn't have any problems with anything at all and I love the music too - it was so well done.

The only thing I struggled with was becoming comfortable with folding the petals right, and not for lack of instruction on your part!

I'm a southpaw and go at things BACKWARDS sometimes, I figured it out, and just feel that it will take a few tries to get comfortable with it. I am just delighted Ken. Thank you so much.


Leather Roses Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry

Leather Biker skullcap Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Skullcap by Greg Richardson

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Darren's Hat

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Mark Liebig

Leather Hat Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Terry J Gregory

Leather Saddle Bags Patterns by Kenn Hockenberry
Brandon's Saddle Bags

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