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Bighousedaddy's construction pattern set is ideal for the craftsman
who likes to say "I Made It Myself."

An Electrician's Tool Pouch
A Carpenter's Tool Pouch
A Drill Holster (Left or Right Handed)
A Pencil Holder
A Hammer Holster
A Knife Holster
A Pliers Holster
A Tool Belt
A Tape Holster
An Utility Holster

Electrician's Tool Pouch Patterns
(Pattern Sheets) $5.99
671 KB Instant Download

Carpenter's Tool Pouch Patterns
(Pattern Sheets) $4.99
518 KB Instant Download

Drill Holster Patterns
(Left or Right Handed)
(Pattern Sheets) $2.99
414 KB Instant Download

Pencil Holder Patterns
(Pattern Sheet) $2.99
Instant Download

Hammer Holster Patterns
(Pattern Sheet) $2.99
339 KB Instant Download

Knife Holster Patterns
(Pattern Sheets) $2.99
356 KB Instant Download

Pliers Holster Patterns
(Pattern Sheet) $2.99
345 KB Instant Download

Tool Belt Patterns
(Pattern Sheet) $2.99
Instant Download

Tape Holster Patterns
(Pattern Sheets) $2.99
357 KB Instant Download

Utility Holster Patterns
(Pattern Sheets) $2.99
182 KB Instant Download

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